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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Foto Story Friday #114--- Family Gathering/Trip to Yellowstone, half of day 2

So the week almost got away from me (we have been busy all week re-doing our shower) and me not do a foto story.... I've not missed a week since the meme was started so I may be a day late and a dollar short and no one may come to read it but here it is:
We ate breakfast and split up into vehicles and headed into Yellowstone National Park for some sight seeing family fun.  Many of the group had not been there ever and for some it had been a very long time.
Random out the window shot of a river.  By the end of the day we were all wishing for some cool water to jump into.
First off we went to Old Faithful, I think it is required to hit this spot when visiting the park at least the first visit.  We got there is good time and didn't have to wait long for the water show.  This shot is not at its peak, but I liked the way it came out considering I had a perfect place until the rude guy stood in front of me.... grrrrrrr!

Afterwards Grammie had two young guys to escort her to the gift shop.

Our next stop was Midway Geyser Basin, here some of my crew wait for the rest to catch up.

My parents were so cute holding hands that I couldn't resist a quick shot!

The colors at Yellowstone are quite breath taking.  A photographers dream!

The hot waters run down into this river or creek, not sure which.  The call of the water was too great for some to resist, and Javin HAD to go touch it.  All the kids wanted to jump in for a swim and there were many people doing just that.

Once again the colors begged to be captured.

The depth and beauty of nearly every sight drew me in and I walked slowly crouching and sometimes lying down to get just the right shot..... or trying at least!

My dad made the loop and came back to await the blast of a geyser.  We stood there and chatted and shared pictures and enjoyed the short wait together it was nice.

We were not disappointed.  It would shoot up and then you would think it was over and it would launch up again, while we clicked away.

A little farther down the walk was this cool bubbling spring.  I liked how the water bubbled right out of the rock.

Slowly but surely my sister and I  made our way around and headed back to find the rest of the crew.  They were setting up lunch at the recently vacated picnic table.  I took this from across the water and as we made our way across the bridge we were met with a sight that should not be seen......

BUTT, he appeared to be perfectly comfortable in his Speedo and orange crocks!
more of day 2 next week

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cat said...

Oh I'd love to visit Yellowstone some day, in the meantime, your pictures sure gave me a little taste of it.

Are You Serious! said...

It's beautiful there minus the speedo and orange crocks... I mean really speedos should be outlawed!!! :)

Aunt Claudia said...

Suppose that guy got up at the CRACK of dawn to get in the river...Other than that good family times!

Kat said...

Great photos! My favorite is the pic of your folks holding hands. It warms my heart. :)

That last photo? hehe Oh my.

angie said...

Amazing photos! I've always wanted to visit Old Faithful.

Those Europeans sure to do their speedos. :)

Amy said...

what gorgeous pictures of yellowstone. My husband has been trying to figure out a time for us to go. Great colors and quite the speedo :)