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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge -- Studio

Join the fun at Hope and Believe
This week's challenge is Studio: 'Show us your shots and tell me your secrets. I want to see what you create in a "studio" setting. Let me know what backgrounds are your faves and where you shoot.'
Well, I was excited about this challenge as I'm always in need of new ideas for my "studio" shots! I don't have a studio, I have whatever I can find, so here's what I've found!

September 11, 2002 "Studio": I borrowed a camera and used the corner of the boys' room.... I first hung a white sheet and then arranged the flag very carefully behind them. I threw some benches in front covered with a blanket, arranged the kids and took pictures.Put a different blanket on the bench.Wasn't Robby a doll?!
Traded the flag for Cody's bed spread. Changed the sitting from a bench to buckets covered with a blanket and arranged the Harry Potter books, added the cloak and wand.

January 2004 "Studio": My living room wall a bench covered with lacy curtains and my daughter dressed in her flower girl dress from a wedding. We did these for her baptism program.
January 21, 2009 "Studio": dining room, backdrop a 1890's - 1900's bath cabinet (got for a dollar at a yard sale) covered with slippery cream material (can ya tell I'm no seamstress?) purchased from the second-hand store in a bag for a buck! Armrest/seat: Dress-up treasure box flipped over and covered in material.
Add some happy kids and even a grumpy teen put the camera on sepia --- perfect photo shoot!
This is What Em wore to church and since I had this challenge on the brain, I quick setup a "Studio": bedroom corner, long lead rope, black king size sheet, bucket with lid and black pillow case. Add one girl ready for posing and you've got it!


ZB said...

The one with Robby and the flag is adorable. And I like the harry potter idea. Way to try new stuff!

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

You have a nice little studio there! We don't have any good corners in our house. The lighting is just terrible. I love your photos!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Great pictures! I love that last picture and her outfit so cute! :)

Casey's trio said...

That is pretty darn impressive...love the mini-photo shoots over the years!

Kelly Deneen said...

Love the studio shots! I need to figure something out in our house like that. :)

onehm said...

Ok, that last one is too cute! She's totally ready for the photoshoot, isn't she?
Thanks for participating in our challenge!

Darla said...

Hi! I haven't been around for awhile so I just had to come visit! I love your creativity..you always end up with such good ideas and just darling pictures!!!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

What cute kids! Love the sepia pics.

Momisodes said...

These are so creative! I love the Harry Potter idea. They are just so photogenic as well :)

idahohubers said...

YOu've got some great ideas here! I never would have thought of a bucket!? That made me laugh. Really though, what better way to bring out the fancy attitude than giving a girl something to put her leg up on - works every time! I really love the flag too. I haven't done that yet and it is super cute. Your kids are cuties my fav is the twins hugging and grinning!