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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Word-full Wednesday and more on our trip

So wordfu wednesday is supposed to be like one picture, but......
OK, on with the cruising..... 
Our route.
This map showed the current location of the ship on the route.
The Ruben's Lounge is where they had nightly shows.  And activites such as:  bingo, showtime: hits of broadway, port shopping presentation, cast chat with the singers and dancers of the Veendam, showtime: Richard Griffen & Hayley Jane, captains welcome toast, Indodnesian crew show, movie, showtime:  hit the deck, game show: the marriage game, showtime:  Lee Bayless (comedian), games show:  call my bluff (word game like Balderdash) showtime:  street singing.  We attended the showtimes except the Richard & Hayley one, the games and the comedian.  (I kept the daily program sheets that were placed on the bed each evening.

Our first stop was Key West.  Because we had been out in international waters, the Coast Guard does random escorts of the ships coming into port.  We happened to be lucky and got the escort.  It was cool to see our Coast Guard in action.
Here's a close up on the forward gunner.  
They patrolled all around the ship and chased off boats that were in our path. The above shot is of the coast guard wake and one of the boats they chased away. They also got a few jet skiiers who zoomed between us and another docked ship.
Key West.  It is only 2 miles by 4 miles.  We took a guided trolley ride around town.  You could get off and shop and catch the next trolley all day if you pleased.  That is not the best way to get good photos, but it does clue you into the history of the island.  So we did do a bit of walking.
The Key West lighthouse as seen from the trolley.
Sometimes it pays to look down.
How many of you know that the chicken is a protected bird in Key West?  Now you all know that little tid-bit!
I thought the buildings were very interesting and I could have spent the day taking pictures of them, but my companions were not us excited as I was.
Check out this parrot.  He was just hanging out on this balcony.  I found that Key West is just a tourist trap.  It is all about making a buck.
Thought this was great!
We saw this guy walking in front of us and Marlene asked him if we could get his picture.  I was fine with a shot from behind, as it would have looked less posed.  
He offered to put the bird on my shoulder and before I could resist, there was a bird on me!
Well I think that is about all the pictures for one day..... more Key West tomorrow....


Jaina said...

Oh my gosh it looks so beautiful! How fun! I'm jealous. What a neat vacation!

angie said...

Looks like such a fantastic cruise. Love the shot with the parrot on your shoulder!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Looks like so much fun! I would have just taken a back shot too. But I'm chicken to ask! :)

KATE said...

Great pics! How fun!

Keeley said...

Oh my good gravy. I'm so happy for you that you get to experience all this! =)

Emy5 said...

Key West looks fantastic, even if it is touristy. The parrot on your shoulder is a fun shot.

rochelle said...

Key West looks like fun. That IS quite interesting about the chicken...I would never have guessed. Can't wait to hear more!

Debra said...

So much fun. But this is making me homesick. I grew up about 2 hrs north of Key West. LOVE the Keys. Lots of fun memories and teenage adventures there!

Shellie said...

How fun! I almost lived in Key West once, it's interesting to think that could have been home.