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Monday, November 3, 2008

52 Weeks of Blessings- week 44 -- time with my parents

My parents don't live close and so it is always a blessing when they come to visit.  As mentioned in my previous post, they have come to visit and to watch my kids while we take a vacation.
Since they got here, I've tried to make the most of this time with them.  The same day they arrived, I got my dad to join me on a the 4-wheelers....
We just went to our close riding spot for a few quick runs on the trails.  Saturday afternoon was beautiful, so I took my parents on the 4-wheelers up to Makoshika State Park.  Dad drove one and I took the other with mom on the back.  Today we took them out to the OHV park.  Since we don't have a trailer, we loaded the green one in the truck bed and I road tripped the red one out with Mom riding double.
Here's Dad preparing for a trail ride with Troy.  
Off they head....
Mom and I tended the kids.
Can you see them?
Here they are a little further down the trail.
Up the hill they went.  I was impressed with my Dad!
I backed the zoom off a bit to give a better idea of where they were.
They came down, a bit.
This is a backed-off shot of the area they are in, in the above photo.
Here they come down the side.  I was a tiny bit worried that Troy was going to convince my dad to go over the edge!  That is the way we usually descend this hill!  When we first arrived I had taken my parents on a much milder trail.  They both enjoyed the rides.  On the way back home Dad drove and I rode double behind him.  Now my job is to get my mom to drive!  :)
We have also played several games with them on the Wii ...
Here is Scott getting ready to bowl with his Grumpa!  Grammie, EmmaLece and I went for a lengthy walk!  
Saturday evening after dinner we played a few rounds of darts.  Grumpa was such a sport and let the twins take aim on his turn.
Of course we had to give the Wii Fit a try!  Here's my Dad hoola hooping!  So funny!  :D
EmmaLece and her Grammie doing a few torso twists!
I hope that my kids soak in all this time with their Grandparents.  I know I always loved going to visit my own grandparents.  Since they are Rv-ers, we get to have them visit us.  Time with parents and grandparents is such a blessing!


Vidal's Nest said...

It is such a blessing to have good parents. I find mine to be one of my greatest blessings in life!

raising4boys said...

How great for them to spend so much time with the kids. It's fun to see them on the 4-wheelers and playing Wii. We bought my in-laws a Wii and it's so funny to watch them play.

Hope you enjoy your vacation knowing your kids are in good hands.

rochelle said...

Brian would be so jealous to see you four wheeling. THAT looks like so much fun!

Jaina said...

Hey, I learned to ride a quad this weekend! SO much fun :) Time with grandparents is always the best.