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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A newsy post, in case you're interested! :)

So I really should, every once in awhile, write a post that says what is going on 'round here.  So here it is:
After 2 weeks of the pukies and fevers, we were finally feeling better.  {The pukies went round and then made a second pass of a few of the kids.}  That is until Monday when Scott got pink eye!  
look at those swollen eyes!
Aargh!  I'm hoping, but NOT holding my breath, that the rest of the family will come through this unscathed! 
Since we can't watch Kyle with the pink eye, we took the twins out riding yesterday and today.  I think we are raising adrenaline junkies!  
Watching the guys jump and begging to be taken on the jump!
Watch out trails, here we come!
Flying down the hill!
They love to ride and ride FAST, they like hills and bumps and jumps!  We went on some pretty aggressive trails today.  Trails that you really need to pay attention on. Now with the helmets on sitting in front, I can hardly see over their heads!  I usually bring up the rear, which means I get more time to see what is coming and that I get ALL the dirt!  Troy took us on a trail I'd never ridden, it had some areas that were off-camber ... I don't get all that excited when riding double in these areas, but we did it and I survived!  I wish I had a pocket camera, so I could take a few shots of some of these trails.  Probably people would think us a little off camber for taking them out with us, but oh well!  The other trail we went on, I had been on and was a bit worried about.  There are areas where the trees are very close on both sides, there are areas when you go up-down and right back up.  These are not trails for feint at heart!   We had a great time all in all!
Following the guys out to the OHV area. You know you're in MT if you see licensed 4-wheelers cruising down the public roads!
Recently we got midterms .... Some were good and other not so much!
Our two older boys have a nearness problem..... as in they can't be near one another with out some hitting, kicking, tripping etc. After a fight on Saturday, they were then sat on the bench and told to hold hands!  Oh yeah, they were thrilled with that!  After 20 mins, we had a little talk about how really in the end, all you have is family, so learn to get along!  For the next little while they will be sitting next to one another.  Hope that this works!
The girls are all kinds of emotional upheavals! I've decided that girls are not my favorite anymore!  I don't deal well with all the crying over weird things!  Can ya tell I'm not a very emotional kind a gal?  I'm sure we'll survive this phase SOMEHOW!


Killlashandra said...

I'm glad to see that you're over all the illnesses hanging around. Didn't sound pleasant at all. Fourwheeling is so much more fun. ;)

I've tagged you if you would like to swing by.

Keeley said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry you got the pukies at your house. Oh man, I just HATE that. I can handle most things - vomit is not one of them. Ugh.

I do hope the pink eye doesn't go around your house either; here's wishing for your familial good health. =)

Not to worry about hormonal emotions. While you're going through it you think you're going to just DIE or go MAD or something. And then they get over it and you can breathe again. It's kind of like labour...only this time they're 80lbs, not 8.

angie said...

I wish I could have seen them forced to hold hands. Sorry about the sickies. Never fun.

Laura said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I think its great that you found something you all enjoy to do together.

The sickies sound so awful. I hate vomiting, hate it.

I understand the emotions and girls, I have three. Exhausting!

Darla said...

Oh, the emotions have begun with our two oldest girls. Actually the oldest started early (eight) and has already evened out and hardly cries at all anymore (she mostly just rolls her eyes now). The next one is just starting and not too bad....yet! We have six though so I know I had better brace myself!!!

Daryl said...

I hope no one else gets pink eye its such a messy thing ... and highly contagious.

Lovely family ... you look like you have a lot of fun.. and thanks for visiting me!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ Sounds like good times! Okay not really... I'm sorry about the being sick stuff and not getting along! I feel like that's what we're dealing with all the time non stop. I love your idea of making them hang out together MORE! :)