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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Foto Story Friday #123--5th grade social studies projects

Four kids through the 5th grade and four projects on the indigenous people of north america.
(Six years ago I was using a borrowed camera, because I was between cameras and trying to make a decision on what kind to get.  Please forgive the quality of these first 2 photos!)  Cody made his first real project for school and boy was it a project for both of us!  He did a cliff dwelling.  We got a shoe box and covered it with paper mache, then painted it.  We made bricks with a bake dough and painted them.  We visited the hardware store and got some tiny fake tree branches and cut them down to size.  It really did look pretty cool, wish the photos were better so you could see.
His teacher entered into the fair and he got a purple ribbon!
It is amazing what 6 year will do for a person:

Five years ago, Shantel wanted to make a dwelling like Cody had and she wanted it to go to the fair and win a purple ribbon!  She's not competitive! :)  She worked very hard on her Long House.  First she and Grandma went to the dump and wallered around searching for bark to properly cover her house.  We needed to build a pole structure and skewers lashed together with twist ties work nicely.  Thank goodness for hot glue, as it held her house together.
She was able to take it to the fair and it got a ribbon, not the purple but at least she placed!
Fives years can really change a person!

Two years ago it was Savanna's turn.  Her teacher said she would like them to not make a dwelling so Savanna opted for a Coup Stick.  After researching it on the net we did our best with what we had on hand.  some string to pass as leather and beads and some collected feathers.
She brought antlers to display it on in class.
Just look at what even 2 years will do for a body?  Getting pretty!

Now this year is Robby's turn.  He chose to follow Savanna {I see a pattern here :) } and make a Coup Stick.  He also had to do some internet research and then set to work.
Robby chose to wrap his stick a little more tightly with the selected strings in school colors.  and place several beads on for some added flair.  Now he didn't have any luck hunting feathers outside so he had to settle for some recently removed pink ones from a dress-up boa!  He teacher loved the pink feathers.
We didn't get a finished photo..... will have to take one when he brings it home I guess.

It will be 4 years before these two will make their own social studies projects, wonder what they will make?

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Claudia said...

Oh how quickly they grow and change! Interesting projects, too! Will be looking forward to see where the twins go with their's...

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

I love how you have memories of each. And I find all of their projects to be amazing. So much effort and hard work put into each. Happy Friday!

Elizabeth said...

It's true, time sure flies and you have the photos to prove it!

PRAHALAD said...
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Honey Mommy said...

How funny that they have all had the exact same project!