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Friday, July 30, 2010

Foto Story Friday #112-

We had to spend a week in Billings after Troy surgery, so this is what we did:
Saturday morning he was released from the hospital.  There was a youth temple trip so I met the kids at the temple and Troy went with his dad to walk around a few stores and just take it easy.
Savanna in front of the Billings Temple on her first temple trip!

After the temple I asked one of the other youth to take our picture.
Saturday night we spent with friends and went to church with them Sunday morning.  Troy's parents got us a motel room for the rest of our stay.

Troy kicking back in the room.
Monday we just lazed around, washed laundry and took in a movie, Toy Story 3.

Tuesday we went to the pictograph caves right near Billings.  We saw some wildlife.  These two birds were just handing out on this rock, waiting for me to capture them.

This bunny thought it was hiding.

The ancient cave drawings are starting to fade which is kinda sad.  Boy is that quite the little hike, very steep, but pretty.

That evening we took in a Billings Mustangs triple A baseball game.  They played the Casper Ghosts.  The mascot hyped up the crowd in his ghostbusting gear while they played the Ghostbusters song.  we had good seats for watching the game but the fence sure got in the way for taking pictures!

Mustangs at bat.  the game was going right along until the 4th inning when the Mustangs put the Ghosts in their place scoring 9 runs.

The clouds started rolling in and threatening our evening.  We felt a few drops, then the whole other side of the stands started running.... hail was coming down.  It wasn't long before our side was hit as well.  We pulled out our umbrella and started making our way to the truck.  We were soaked before we made it half way there!  I threw my camera bag over my shoulder and ran for it!  Dried off my bag and went to rescue Troy from the downpour.

Wednesday we met up with our friends and went out to look at their property.  We spent most of the day with them and then headed back to the motel to pack up.  Thursday after meeting with the drs and getting the OK to head home, that is what we did.  We met up with Troy's parents and some cousins for dinner and a movie before getting back to real life.  We saw Grown Ups and it was pretty funny!

Standing outside the theater just chatting and the clouds were looking pretty cool.  The lightning was flashing and I was sure we would get dumped on again.

We didn't though.  Looks like I got lucky and caught a bit of the lightning though!

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Aunt Claudia said...

What an adventure! Looking forward to seeing "less" of our Troy! ♥

Cecily R said...

Looks like a grand adventure! I love the cloud shots (I'm kind of fascinated with clouds lately and keep taking pictures of them but they never really turn out)!

latree said...

I love the clouds...

get well Troy!

Honey Mommy said...

Love the bunny and the cave drawing!

Did you enjoy Toy Story 3? My kids and I loved it!