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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Foto Story Friday #108--Cars in the park

Last Friday, we had the annual Cars in the Park car show here in our little town.  The event brings people from all over the state and even from a few different states.  One of these years I'm actually going to know when they are to drive across the old bridge and get a shot of that, but for now you'll have to be happy with a shot of the bridge all decked out in flags. 
They do charge for this event but one can observe from the bridge.  I used my new zoom lens and took a few pictures.

I didn't even notice this until my sister pointed it out..... doesn't it look like the red truck is eating the blue one in front?
I thought this car and trailer were pretty sweet.

The bright yellow of this beautiful truck caught my attention right away.

Parked next to the yellow truck was this Mator look-alike (no tow hook in the back though!)

The park was packed with cars and plenty of people milling around enjoying the sights.  My favorites are always the classic cars, the older the better!  Isn't this one stunning?

This guy has a sense of humor!  :)

Look another character from Cars, Sheriff.  I can hear him saying:"Not in MY town!"
This one looks like it is ready to take flight!

 Seeing all these cool vehicles makes me wish I had the $$ to fix up our 3 door suburban or that my sister could fix up the old International and put it in car shows.
(the next 2 photos are scans from back in the day)
This is the old International I think it's a '49

It has SO much potential.  I remember when it used to work and we would pile the tubes in the back and head to the pond, such a cool truck.

Our 3-door Sub
Needs quite a bit of work
We got this from my sister a few summers ago.  When I was a teenager, it used to run and I would drive it in Salt Lake when I stayed with my sister in the summer.
The only thing we've gotten done is the alternator..... Cody took it to school for his mechanics class and tore it down and replaced the barrings and put it back together..... long process.

PhotoStory Friday


Aunt Claudia said...

A wonderful drive through the past! Thanks for the pictures!

Mom24 said...

Great pictures and so much fun! I'm jealous.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Wow, you are so lucky! Look at all those cool classics. I would love to someday have a vintage pickup like the yellow one you posted. And that bridge brings back memories of family road trips to see my grandma....

Honey Mommy said...

How fun!

I would love to go look at all the vintage cars, but I'm too cheap to pay for it too!

latree said...

the pictures brought my imagination right to the movie 'cars'. great cars!

Chris said...

You pictures are looking great these days!

Man, I haven't been to a good old fashioned car show in a long time. What a cool collection of vehicles!

Indrani said...

108 cars! What a wonderful event, great you could photograph those beauties.

Jenny said...

I love the colors. What a neat event!

Life with Kaishon said...

These pictures are just beautiful. It sounds like a very fun event. I always wondered how much it costs to restore a car to it's former glory.

lisaschaos said...

I love going to old car shows! Very cool! you got lots of nice photos too! I love your old one, hope you get her back up and running! When I was a kid my parents and grandparents had Model Ts and Model As and we always rode in parades. :)

Kat said...

Those are awesome! I love it! Old cars are so romantic to me. :)

We have a similiar event in my area. Though I've never actually been to it. Maybe I'll go this year. :)

Cecily R said...

Sneeeeeeeaky using your zoom lens!! Heh. I would so be right there with you!

You need to use the yellow truck in some pictures!!

Krystyn said...

What a fun drive down memory lane....those old cars are the coolest.