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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Foto Story Friday #86-- my wrestler

This year my son, Cody, decided to join a sport. The first sport he has ever been in! OK truth be told, he did try out this sport once long ago..... way back in 2nd grade. Several times he would come home and say he was thinking about trying say track or maybe football, but he never actually went through with it, so we were a little skeptical, but supportive. He continued to talk about it and we went to the parent meeting, got all the info and the following day went down and bought wrestling shoes.
Wrestling shoes are not cheap, but he forked over the dough. When you pay for something it means a little more I think. He practiced and came home SO tired but excited about this move he'd learned or this take down method.
We live in the boonies and many weekends they are on the road traveling anywhere from 1 to 6 hours for a meet. They have had 3 home meets, but the first two were on the same nights as some of the other kids' Christmas music events and so we were forced to split up and support everyone. We did make the hour trip to a meet .... the bus broke down about 20 miles outside of the destination! We pulled up behind them and I snapped this photo.
The first match I was able to see. Cody is in black. Notice the hands? Cody is left handed and he thinks it's funny to shake with the left.... it's his sike maneuver!
It was a quick match.
The day before, when I wasn't able to be there, he got his one and only pin! He was SO excited when he called home to tell us! I only wish I had seen it :(
For each pin they get the coach gives them a gold pin to put in a place of honor.... in Cody's case that is on his backpack!
Tonight was their last home meet and 2nd to last meet of the season. He wrestled hard.
Proving that he has learned a lot and come a long way since the season started.
He has a good attitude and knows that if he keeps up with it, he will continue to improve. Here he is fighting hard to escape.
I can see the determination, he is thinking of how he would like to get up and out of this.
He came close to a pin here. He lasted the whole 3 periods and lost on points. We were SO proud of him! This was the first time he made it the whole time and was not pinned! :)
This was his second match of the evening at whistle blow and it's game on!
Fighting to get free. he made it to the second period and was pinned but he wrestled hard and we are so very proud of his achievement and the growth he has experienced being a part of this team and learning this sport!

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Cecily R said...

Gooooooo Cody!!!

I think it's very cool that he's worked so hard--in and out of the ring (is it ring? Now I'm wondering...and feeling like a dork for not knowing)!

Emily said...

That is awesome!! My husband was a wrestler in HS (and actually finished #2 in his state!) and is really hoping one of our boys will get into it.
Rock on, Cody!

MomOf4 said...

Great pictures! I grew up in Iowa - a big wrestling state! :)

CC said...

they are so limber!

Killlashandra said...

Wrestling is a tough sport, both my kids did it. It's hard on the knees be wary of that, but if he sticks with it I swear it's good for the soul. Congrats to him on his first season. :)

Heidi said...

What a great athlete you have there! If he keeps up the hard work he will really do well!
Thanks for sharing your week with us!
If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

latree@dandelion said...

wow, that was... oh I can not tell what it was.

but I won't be able to see my son in a wrestling match :(

good luck for your son, though :)

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com} said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for Photo-Friday, great shots you have, I love the gold pin the coach gives them :)

Run DMT said...

How exciting! Looks like you have quite the athlete there. Great photos!

Thanks for stopping by for PSF! :-)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Very cool photos! My dad was a wrestler in high school and we used to go to matches later when I was in high school, just to watch. Congrats to your son too!

(Trust me, too, I know all about the boonies! That's where I grew up and that's pretty much where I live now!)

Cheryl Lage said...

Good for your pin-master! Love all your pictures...and your justified pride!

Cris Robinson said...

Go Cody!

I was watching the winter X Games on ESPN and they took a break for a look at what the athletes do in training.
In the second part of the break, a Navy Seal recruiter was interviewed because they have figured out that the guys that do sports like wrestling, track & water polo make the best SEALS, not football players like you would think. He said that it was because of the concentration required in those sports.

Keep working hard Cody, you'll appreciate it even more when you're older.

Chronicles Of A Mommy said...

Great pictures and a great sport! My brother wrestled all through high school and I was the Coach's helper - I kept score, made sure we had everything. A glorified water boy if you will except I'm a girl. LOL I'm glad Cody enjoyed it - that pin is awesome!

Krystyn said...

It looks like he's really good at it...and the left handed shake is pretty funny.

Robyn said...

Yay, good for him.

Jaina said...

That's awesome! Yay Cody!!! I love his sike move ;)

Momisodes said...

Wow! Those are some great action pics. Wrestling really is quite an intense sport.

Kelly Deneen said...

I totally missed this last week! I love wrestling! I am from a wrestling family myself (my dad was the head coach in our town, brother wrestled forever, now my brother is a head coach, etc.). I am so proud of him for you! Awesome!!