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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just wanted you to know.....

My Blogging Buddies: Angie and Laura have started a blog to get people educated about Monoamniotic twins. I just wanted you all to learn about them. They have posted several different families stories.
While pregnant with the twins I met a woman who was having Monoamniotic twin boys. She was blessed to have healthy babies, as were Angie and Laura. I've learned SO much reading their blogs. I would encourage all to learn about this "rare" {1-2% of twin pregnancies} condition. It seems to be more common than I ever thought.} While talking to my mom about Momo twins, she told me that a friend's daughter was pregnant with Momos but they didn't make it. {It was in the early 90s when she was pregnant and I don't think the medical community was as on top of things as they are now. ... Even now there are still Drs out there who are not as well informed, that is why it is important for all of us to be educated, you never know who will be the next told they are pregnant with Momo twins. You just might be the one to direct them to a page/site that can give them hope and encouragement!
I have twins, but mine are just regular two egg twins... boy/girl. It is amazing to me how uneducated people are about twins in general! I can not even tell you how many people have asked me if mine are identical ..... "Um," I answer "they are boy and girl." to which I get "Yeah, but are they identical?" I then have to say how they can't be identical since one is a BOY and one is a GIRL! My response should be: "No they are not, identical twins come from the same egg that splits and eggs that split late are Monoamniotic, which means they are in the same bag... touching, swimming in the fluid together and entangling umbilical cords . If you would like to learn more I can give you the web address of a great page!"
Everyone should have the opportunity to go from this:
to this:With the best care possible.
So go already and learn! :)


4 Little Men & Twins said...

I just learned about monoamniotic twins a few months ago. I had never heard of it before. They thought our twins were... but at the last u/s they saw the membrane. So amazing... either way. It's God's plan.

Thanks for sharing.


Are You Serious! said...

♡ I get that ALLLLL the time! If mine are identical! Cracks me up!

Keeley said...

I read the whole thing...and what I think is "Oh my good gravy, one does not have a small belly when one has two babies in there..." =D

Bet you were happy to get those little cuties out. =) What great pictures!

angie said...

WOW, Carrie. Thanks so much for giving our new little blog some attention. It is amazing how uninformed people are about twins. My dad told everyone I was expecting identical twins. One boy and one girl. HUH???????? And he was serious. He really thought that was what I told him. It is really nice to be able to talk to people about twins and have them know what the difference is. When I was pregnant everyone "thought" they knew someone with monoamniotic twins, but didn't and I felt very alone. It's nice to now have a network of women friends that understands. And, I absolutely LOVED that last part of your post about everyone should be able to go from.......(awesome tummy shot).....to this (your babies in your arms and children around you).

Laura said...

Thank you for posting this! I really appreciate it. Monoamniotic twins are very rare and its amazing how little even doctors know about them. Of course it may seem more common because all of us with MOMO twins are in the same blog circle. Your help is so appreciated. My pediatrician had never heard of them and my OB had never treated even one case! It really helps to have you post this and get the word out. I loved the last part about going from this to this with the best care possible! Thats what its all about! ((HUGS)) to you for this!

Wendi said...

I had no idea. I feel so educated about twins, especially monoamniotic twins. Thanks for sharing.
OMgoodness... how does someone as tiny as you have a belly full of twins as big as that? I know you were excited when their "birth" day rolled around.

carrie & troy keiser said...

That tummy picture was taken the day they were born, right before we walked across the street to the hospital!

andrea j said...

WOW!! Incredible pregnancy picture. You mom's of twins are just amazing. I too have enjoyed learning from Angie. I had never heard of mono twins before.

Teri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I am a fraternal twin (I have a twin brother.) and used to get asked that question SO often!

Love the belly shot! There is not one picture of my mom when she was pregnant with us, I always wondered how big she got!

You have a beautiful family!

Gina Conroy said...

I never heard the term monoamniotic! I have nephews who shared the same placenta, one hogged most of the food. They're identical, though to this day one weighs more than the other. They never really looked identical because of the weight difference. Too funny about boys and girls being identical!